Funeral-art Decorations 手作りのアートお葬式 - For wholesale urns 卸売り・業者向け対応
会社名 - キャッチコピー・商品名など
 We wholesale for funeral business persons or shop owners.
please contact with e-mail [email protected]   
We will provide good wholesale price for business persons.
Art-urns are new concept of healing funeral decorations ideas.
Many Japanese or U,S, media broadcasted about funeral-art decoration and art urns
The beautiful Japanese golden leaves and handpaintings desogns aart deco, klimt and lily flowers or so on.
It's will be an angel heil our funeral-art decorations jobs with Yumi Morimoto the funeral-artist.
People have different lives,finale must be not the same.
Each funeral decorations must be different.
Coffin decorations must be individually personalised designs.
We are seeking(wanted) funeral homes owners,internet funeral goods store owners to have business with us in the world.(for art-urns)
Art urns for cremation urn for human or pet.
Funeral meets art= Funeral-art®
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